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Car Parking

Entry to the MLCP is on the G and H Avenue both residential and market side road in Sarojini Nagar Market.

As the car reaches the Parking Window, the Car Registration number is scanned and In-time is recorded. The information from the cameras is relayed to the operator's system and a Smart card is issued to the driver. The Boom barrier lifts automatically for entry of the car.

The Customer drives into the basement and the "Parking Bay Status" Display Board indicates the empty parking bay and Direction. The parking attendants assist the customer to position the car onto the parking pallet. The display sensors help the customer for correct alignment of the car on the pallet.

The customer comes out of the car and walks towards the card swiping area. As the car engines are shut during the automatic parking process there is no pollution. The driver uses the instructions displayed at the card swipe area.

Customer then presses confirmation button and waits till boom barrier is closed and green light comes ON. The Customer keeps the card on card-reader till the Green Light turns OFF. The car is transferred to the lift. The computerized lift moves the car for parking to a parking slot available on the floors above.