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Common Spaces & Circulation Spaces include:

  • Access corridors, lift lobby.
  • Passages, corridors, including lighting and fire fighting equipment thereof at ground and First floor.
  • Common toilets, Handicap Toilets at Basement, Ground & First Floor.
  • Common Staircases and staircase lobbies.
  • Lifts and Lift Lobbies at basement, ground and first floor.
  • Automated Car Parking from 2nd to 8th Floor.

Service Facilities and Areas include:

  • Underground Water Tanks & Pump Room.
  • Electric Sub-Station (Transformers; High Voltage (H.T) & Low Voltage (L.T) Panels and Other Electrical Equipments).
  • Standby Generator Room/ standby D.G sets.
  • Lift Machine Rooms
  • Building Services/ Maintenance Areas
  • Overhead Water Tanks.
  • Shafts for Plumbing, Fire Services, Electrical, HVAC, D.G. sets and any other building services.
  • Sewage Treatment Plant.

Outside Building includes:

  • Landscaped/ hardscaped areas including lighting & services etc.
  • Driveway areas including lighting & services etc.

Fire Safety arrangements:

  • Clean gas flooding system for server room and utility areas
  • CO2 Protection System for LT Panels.
  • Mechanical Ventilation System for the Basement Area
  • Emergency Power Supply for the entire Building including Car Parking System.
  • Exit Signs for Emergency Evacuation.
  • Directional Signages.
  • Fire Fighting Pumps.
  • Fire Doors.
  • Use of non-combustible material for construction.
  • Static Water Tanks (underground & overheads)
  • First Aid Fire Hose Reel.
  • Automatic Sprinkler System.
  • Automatic Fire Detection & Alarm System.
  • Fire Extinguishers.
  • Manually operated Electric Call Points.
  • Lift Grounding Switch.
  • Public Address System.
  • Dedicated Fire Control Room/ Security Room.
  • CCTV System.
  • Intercom System.