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Pre Paid/Holiday Parking

Pre Paid Parking

The pre paid parking facility is available at both South Square and Capitol Point multi level car parks.

Pre paid parking cards are issued at the Customer Lounge(Retrieval Room). Various discounts can be enjoyed on the pre paid parking card and the discount will depend on your card requirement.

On each card issued, there is also a security deposit of Rs 100, which is refundable on the return of the card.

The card can be used till the card amount is utilized and there is no time limit on the validity of the card. It is just like the metro card that you can refill and reuse.

Holiday Parking

Are you planning a holiday and worried about the safety of you car?

You can now enjoy holiday car parking at the DLF multi level car parks at South Square and Capitol Point.

Both these car parks offer holiday car parking for any number of days. Only thing you need to do is to pre-inform the parking supervisor. Though we prefer the duration of not more than 15-20 days, but in case you wish to park for more days, then we shall cater to your requirement accordingly.

Pre-paid card owners will enjoy the discounts on long term parking as per the discount valid on their cards.

However, if you don't have the pre paid car parking card, then you can avail of overnight / long-term car parking facility as per the prevailing rates (@Rs 10 per hour) without any discount.