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The MLCP works on a pallet based technology moving on conveyor beds; which comprises of jig-saw puzzle system. These pallets act in synchronisation with the car lifts installed at suitable locations in the project. The car lifts and pallets act in unison with the specifically developed software system. This software also works as customer interface i.e. receive the command for particular requirement of parking and retrieval; and in turn order the pallets/ conveyors to act accordingly. This technology is new in India and has not been installed at such a scale. For the purpose of providing Multilevel Car Parking Technology, DLF Ltd. has hired the services of M/s Precision Automation & Robotics India Limited (PARI), on EPC basis. PARI is primarily working in developing the automation system/ production line assembly for automobile sector. PARI has developed this in-house after a thorough understanding of the site specific requirements.